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 At Simon's Coffeehouse we are dedicated to cooking up healthy food that excites your pallet!


Simon has blended his knowledge of world cuisine with his vegan journey to create first class, vegan/vegetarian dishes that *anyone* would be excited to order!


Our Goals:

Offer menu items for all diets (including carnivores) and food sensitivities.


Create community through sharing amazing, healthy food! 



Simon Kirby, the owner of Simon’s Coffee House, was born in East London, England to a family of seasoned restauranteurs.

Growing up, Simon spent a lot of time in pubs and restaurants within a multicultural neighborhood which would plant the seed for his interest in tasty dishes!


He left home at a very young age to join the British infantry. At 16 years old, he was already traveling the world... collecting ideas and recipes from every region he visited!


 Simon pulls his influences from India, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Central America, as well as, the Islands. 


These unique cooking styles, spices, and recipes blended with his European background brings you a true global culinary journey in sunny Sarasota, FL!

Simon Kirby standing by the kitchen doors of his restaurant

Simon's Plant Based Revolution!

Simon's Plant Based Revolution logo

With the demands of working long hours in the restaurant business most of my life and being an adventure sport enthusiast, I have had to pay close attention to my health and body. Luckily, decades ago, a Buddhist teacher ask me to try vegetarianism. It absolutely changed my life! All of a sudden, I had this endless energy! I added fish to this diet once in a while and it served me well for almost 25 years, until my sporting injuries from my past started to get my attention with inflammation. 


I had a serious motor bike accident 10 yrs ago breaking both ankles as well as my left hand. This accident generally ravaged my body between the injuries and compensation issues. A few years later I had a surfing accident in Costa Rica, causing a torn ACL, a dislocated hip, plus other knocks and bumps from years of sports. My annual blood work was good but it could have been better, so I decided to try a full on plant based diet. No more splash of cream in my coffee, odd piece of cheese, the once in a while fish taco, etc.. 

The first reaction from my body was the endless energy returning. Then there was the realization that I didn’t have the inflammation in my knee after a long shift at work! The biggest change was my blood work! My cholesterol levels all changed and my glucose was lower. In fact, all across the board there was changes for the better! My blood pressure even lowered. 

I now have an immense passion for creating plant base dishes, using plant base essential oils, herbs and natural plant based products in my home and in my every day life! This is my personal journey and my mission is to inspire others, even if its to try to add one plant based meal a day to their diet ! If you visit my restaurant and I’m not there working be assured I’m either paddle surfing, kite surfing or sailing with this boundless energy...make sure you visit my wellness page for info on adding plant base into your lifestyle!

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