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Simon's Plant Based Revolution SRQ, FLA logo of his hand holding a beet/radish.

Plant Based

What does that mean at Simon's?

It means progress, not perfection.

It means being the best version of you that you can become, free of judgement and free to make the choices that make you who you are.


At Simon's we provide you with great meal options no matter where you are at in your journey.

We can't wait to see you!

A beautifully plated meal for lunch at Simon's


At Simon's we are dedicated to bringing you healthy food that excites your pallet!

With our chef's knowledge of world cuisine he has created a first class, vegan, vegetarian and carnivore menu that anyone would be excited to order from! We offer menu items for all diets including food sensitivities. We strive to create community through sharing amazing, healthy food!

"Always amazed by the food here and even happier that new specials (vegan) keep coming. From the enchilada, the farmer’s skillet to the vegan fried chicken and Mexican corn (must have!!) everything is original, delicious and so savory. We are so lucky to have an original plant based restaurant in Sarasota."

- Nancy Klein

5 Star Google Review

Juice & Coffee Bar
Craft Beer & Wine

At Simon's, we offer Neighborhood Juices pressed for the health conscious person.

Our highly skilled barista's are able to make delicious coffees with a multitude of vegan milk substitutions available. Our beans are sourced nearby from an artisan roaster. It is cold pressed for a more mild and less bitter taste.

Make sure you try our Cuban Roast Espresso!

Are you a beer or wine connoisseur?

Reward your taste buds with our selection of craft beers from local Sarasota and Florida breweries. 

Experience organic & vegan wines as well in a fun and casual environment.

Have you heard of Kombucha?

It's a fermented tea that has many health benefits and  tastes amazing.

Try out our local flavors!

Sweetening Coffee
A line of local beer and local kombucha taps only at Simon's Coffee House.
The deli case at Simon's Coffee House for grab and go food.



Our culinary team is always looking for new and exciting recipes to excite your taste buds!  We offer a wide variety of delicious dishes to take home from our ever - changing deli case.


We also offer take out-catering if you are feeding the masses!  Everything is made from scratch with premium ingredients.


Take Simon’s home the next time you entertain!

*Boxed lunch options also available!

"I've been coming here for more than 10 years. The food is delicious and the service is outstanding. Everyone is full of smiles and helpful. A true gem of Sarasota."

- Daniel Moore

5 Star Google Review



Simon Kirby, the owner of Simon’s Coffee House, was born in East London, England to a family of seasoned restauranteurs.

Growing up, Simon spent a lot of time in pubs and restaurants within a multicultural neighborhood which would plant the seed for his interest in tasty dishes!


He left home at a very young age to join the British infantry. At 16 years old, he was already traveling the world... collecting ideas and recipes from every region he visited!


 Simon pulls his influences from India, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Central America, as well as, the Islands. 


These unique cooking styles, spices, and recipes blended with his European background brings you a true global culinary journey in sunny Sarasota, FL!

Simon Kirby standing by the kitchen doors of his restaurant
A Vegan Special Dish made of tofu, chickpeas, and vegan bacon.
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