Our Vision

"Changing the world one dish at a time!"

 At Simon's Coffeehouse we are dedicated to bringing you healthy food that excites your pallet!  With Simon’s knowledge of world cuisine blended with his vegan journey he has created a first class, vegan / vegetarian menu that anyone would be excited to order from!  We offer menu items for all diets (including carnivores) and food sensitivities.  We strive to create community through sharing amazing, healthy food! 

MEET SIMON!:  Simon Kirby, the owner of Simon’s Coffee House was born in East London, England to a family of seasoned restauranteurs. He grew up in pubs and restaurants in a multicultural neighborhood. 


Simon’s left home at a very young age to join the British infantry. At 16 years old he was already traveling the world, with his culinary curiosity and love for culture he collected ideas and recipes from every region he visited.  He has continued to be avid world traveler throughout his life and adventure seeker. He is a sailor, a surfer, kite boarder and a lover of all things adventurous!  He pulls his influences from India, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Central America as well as the Islands.  This blended with his European background brings you a true global culinary journey!